Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting ready for School

Well my plan today was to go grocery shopping, that got waylaid because my 5 year old got really sick. So I decided to organize my book shelf for the upcoming school year, being as it starts here in 2 weeks. We use Sonlight for our core ciriculum, which is a literacy based program, so we have a lot of books. I went through and stored away the books we won't need this year, and sorted through the work books we have and my bookshelf is ready for the school year. The rest of the homeschool area, well that is a different story.
 We moved here a year ago and have this nice size space for all the things we have for schooling, colored paper, paint, stamps, beads, games, Ect. I just can 't seem to figure out how to get it all organize and keep it that way, I try and keep things accesable for my 5 year old and out of reach of my 1 year old. Something has got to change over there and I hope I figure it out soon.
 However I am very excited for the school year, keeping my 5 year old challenged is hard work but I think we have a fun, interesting challenging year ahead of us. This summer we did some unit studies and discovered Lapbooking, it is so much fun. You can check out a list of free lapbooks and templates on this site, they have some great simple ones to get started. I also discovered my son loves them and learns alot from them  so I am going to try and tie them in to what we are doing when I can this year. Also we are doing a science with lots of fun experiments :)
We are going to finish up our unit study on Mars then jump into the year. So exciting. What are you looking forward to this school year?

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