Sunday, November 27, 2011

Acts of kindness ideas

Thursday marks Day one of twenty-five days of giving! I have talked with some friends and a lot are excited about this adventure for the holidays. There were some concern about coming up with ideas and low cost ways to do this. So here are some low cost/ no cost ideas for this up coming Challenge.

  • At the store gather up all the loose carts 
  • take a plate of cookies to firehouse or police station
  • go through your kids toys with them and have them pick some to donate to a shelter
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood, park or beach
  • Have kids make cards to take to residents in local nursing home or children at the local hospital
  • Make ornaments and leave them on neighbors front porches
  • Let someone get in front of you in line
  • Leave an extra few dollars on the tip when you go out to eat
I hope this list gives you some ideas to make this work for your family this holiday season, please add your ideas in the comments to help other think about how they can give and show love to others this holiday season.

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