Saturday, September 10, 2011

Homeschool in the ER

On Wednesday this week i went in to the Emergency care clinic with what I was certain was a kidney stone. They deemed I was not in "enough" pain to run any scans saw a had a kidney infection and sent me on my way.

Yesterday I was not feeling any better so we called the advice nurse and she suggested going back to the Emergency care clinic since there were no open appointments. We decided instead to take the trip to the ER since we were not happy with the care at the ECC.

While at the ER they ran a scan and found out there was a massive kidney stone. So while we were there for MANY hours my 5 year old got to learn how to put in an IV, and what it does. How a CT scan works and see the inside of Mommy's body and all sorts of cool stuff. Who says you can't learn through life experiences. 

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