Monday, August 29, 2011


Always the hardest day of the week, trying to get back in to the swing of school, and picking up the house from all the weekend fun. Around here we like to play and have fun most weekends, which means my house gets horribly negelcted for 2 days.

For the last couple of weeks I have been re organizing my house a room at a time when I have extra time after chores. This weeks goal is to get the kitchen cleaned and re organized. My pantry is overrun by mess created by little hands looking for snacks. Plus my sink is over run with dishes that even though I have washed them it keeps getting higher...hmmm. So this is my goal to get the kitchen spic and span then it is so much easier to put it back that way in the mornings while my oldest does his seat work.

I am hoping having my house in order from top to bottom ( eventually) it will make my mondays less taxing since everything will be mostly clean to start with come Friday afternoon. There is hope for me not to hate Mondays so much in the future :)

Today I start week 5 of my 12 week work out challenge. I am adding an ab routine on Tuesdays and maybe Thursdays depending on how sore I am. Plus what I have been doing is changed slightly, I just got in a groove too. I will post more on how this challenge is going tomorrow.

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