Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6

We have almost made it through a full week of doing acts of kindness :) it has been fun and a great way to spread joy this holiday season.

We were running late this morning, so on our way to co-op we had to pick up breakfast. I gave the lady at the window more than I needed for my meal and told her to use it for the next persons meal and so on until the money was gone. She smiled and said " Not enough people do nice things just becuase, that is great!" I said "thank you" she replied with " I think I am going to take a page out of your book and pay it forward this holiday season!"

I love inspiring people to do nice things for others, there is some much bad in this world we could all use a little kindness. It was a great start to my morning.


  1. found your blog through http://moneysavingmom.com/2011/12/25-days-of-random-acts-of-kindness.html and was blessed to read about what you've been doing so far :) We've been the person in the drive thru after someone else left a little extra $ and it was a special blessing on a stressful day - I still think about it 3 years later, lol.

    It was also fun to see the Sonlight links on your blog - we are Sonlighters too :)

    Hope you are having a blessed day today!

  2. I also read your blog posts. I just want to commend you for doing this with your son and encourage you to make this a tradition that continues. I saw another blog the other day with printable tags that you you've been "RACK"ed - as in Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I think it's awesome to do stuff at Christmas, but so many people aren't remembered the rest of the year. How about "Random Acts of Christian Kindness" that could be done anytime? I have not been blessed with children but I am so pumped when I see Moms like you cultivating service to others, with their young ones. Great job!

  3. This is great! I love doing stuff like that! Yesterday, I went by church and bought gift cards through their script program (the church gets a percentage of the sale) then I asked them to give them to 4 families most in need. I suggested that I'd prefer single parent families, but whoever needs them most!
    We spell our baby's name the same as your Ayden! :)

  4. I also found your blog on money saving mom and think this is wonderful. More people should be doing this, including myself. This is a great idea and this is something I will be doing with my 5 kiddos. I am a former army brat of 2 parents so I know how hectic military life can be. I cant wait to read what else you guys do next.
    Have a great night!

  5. I like what your doing also. I also like what the person above commented on. Doing this all year would be a wonderful thing. I need to talk to my husband about doing this with our children. I think we can all use a little RACK!