Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7

Today was shopping day. Ayden had a great idea to gather up all the carts that were not put away so they didn't bump into anyones cars and scratch them. I thought this was a great idea for the day.
We gathered up the carts there and then later at the px where we saw santa. It has been great to see Ayden thinking about others this week. I have seen it spill over in to all parts of our life, I think this lesson is working :)


  1. I learned about your 25 Days of Giving on Money Saving Mom. This idea is fabulous! We too are a military family and many years we have been unable to be with our family for the Holidays. Intentional giving like this is a great way to turn around the feelings of sadness/loneliness and to bless others with love and kindness. Thanks for sharing.

    If you don't mind, I may link to your blog later this month.

  2. Love your blog!! Please tell your husband thank you for his service & thank you, also, for doing it all while he is gone..


  3. Thank you both! It has been a great way to brighten up our holidays!