Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chivalry is not Dead

At least not in my house. My husband reminded me tonight that he is a rare breed of man and that I am a very lucky woman. He may not be the most romantic, sweep you off your feet kind of guy but it is the little everyday things that count. He takes care of me, wholly and fully and puts my needs and safety first which is hard to come by in a man these days.

While we are out walking he always walks on the street side, if we cannot walk side by side he will walk behind so he can " keep an eye on me". He still opens my door, dishes up my plate when we are out places ( sometimes even at home) pulls out my chair for me. No I do live in a fairy tale, he is just this wonderful.

The icing on the cake is the simple thoughtfulness of the little things like not making me get up to take him into work( we have only one car), he will just ride his bike since I am not used to getting up that early and really need my sleep. He goes above and beyond and is truly amazing and reminds me that chivalry is not dead.

When I mention this to him he just says this is how a husband is supposed to act. Be jealous, I am blessed, I know.

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