Friday, December 10, 2010

The Toungue

The  Bible makes mention of our tongue around 160 times. It mentions how powerful it can be in speech, how we need to be careful with it, how it can sooth some one, and even how it is used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes the tongue is a very powerful tool that we have been in trusted with, so often we speak with out thinking. We even say things intentionally to get a rise out of those close to us ( just a side note that is a sin in a big way it is causing them in incur anger, which is equal to murder, which is breaking a commandment and we are not supposed to cause our brothers to stumble). The tongue and the gift of speech is something we are entrusted with and we should be good stewards of.

So often our words can be used to strengthen someone else or build them up, just a kind word or compliment can change the day of a co worker or neighbor. Just knowing someone noticed them can change their day around.

Our words either tear someone down or build them up. Think before you make your next comment " what will this do to the person hearing this?" if it is not uplifting or for correction through love as led by the spirit it is better left unsaid. Start using God as you filter and let him do your talking for you and you will see the difference in others around you.

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