Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The best cooking tool EVER

Well at least I think so. I just managed to cook chili for my family with only 2 tools my knife and my mix and chop. I just renewed my love for my mix and chop, it is a great tool for ground meat. You can just throw your meat in the pan and the mix and chop breaks it up effortlessly. The reason I am so excited about this handy dandy little tool is tonight I was looking over my recipe and I was supposed to hand squeeze or blend plum tomatoes ( I have made this meal before and usually go the route of the blender) then I thought I can just use my mix and chop, not only did it save me having to pull out the blender and then wash it it saved me time and worked like a dream.

It saved me so much time in fact that dinner is done, and I am still waiting on my family to get home from the Y so we can all eat. So I decided to share with you all ( if you don't already know) what a wonderful little tool this mix and chop is.

My favorite tool the Mix 'N Chop

You can get it through your pampered Chef consultant. A quick shout out to a friend of mine who is a consultant she is doing a Fundraiser for the Navy Seals Foundation now through Sept 4th.  20% of all sales go to the foundation to help the families of those who lost their family member in the devastating crash and families like them. 

http://www.pamperedchef.biz/gravygirl?page=products-detail&categoryId=96&productId=15658&itemId=2583 this is her site you can order through it for the fundraiser. 

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