Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New start

Yesterday was a day of new starts :) It was my oldests first day of kindergarten and I started a new work out regimin with help of my hubby.

We homeschool and have been for a little while, but now he is offically school aged so it feels different you know? We have a great year planned and I am really excited about what we are going to be doing. The little one like to sit and listen to our stories so even he is joining us for bits at at time.  I look forward to sharing some of our adventures as we learn this year.

Then there is the work out  thing, I have been away from the gym for a few months and have never had some clear direction. So I looked up a toning and work out plan and my husband is helping me by MAKING me go to the gym and helping me figure out what these exercises are and how to do them. Also helping me figure out  how heavy my wieghts should be. This program is 12 weeks, it is to help me get back used to working out, we shall see how that goes, back at it again tomorrow!

So here is to new starts and I will share our journey as we make our way.

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